Date Author Title
2018-11-27Xavier MertensMore obfuscated shell scripts: Fake MacOS Flash update
2018-02-01Johannes UllrichAdobe Flash 0-Day Used Against South Korean Targets
2016-10-26Johannes UllrichCritical Flash Player Update APSB16-36
2016-06-17Johannes UllrichCritical Adobe Flash Update. Patch Now
2016-05-12Xavier MertensAdobe Released Updates to Fix Critical Vulnerability
2016-04-06Bojan ZdrnjaYAFP (Yet Another Flash Patch)
2015-12-29Daniel WesemannNew Years Resolutions
2015-12-28Rick WannerAdobe Flash and Adobe AIR Updates -
2015-10-16Alex StanfordAdobe Flash Update
2015-07-27Daniel WesemannAngler's best friends
2015-07-14Johannes UllrichAdobe Updates Flash Player, Shockwave and PDF Reader
2015-07-12Rick WannerAnother Adobe Flash Zero Day
2015-02-02Stephen HallNew Adobe Flash Vulnerability - CVE-2015-0313
2015-01-26Russ McReeAdobe updates Security Advisory for Adobe Flash Player, Infocon returns to green
2015-01-23Johannes UllrichFlash 0-Day: Deciphering CVEs and Understanding Patches
2015-01-23Adrien de BeaupreInfocon change to yellow for Adobe Flash issues
2014-11-11Johannes UllrichAdobe Flash Update
2014-08-12Adrien de BeaupreAdobe updates for 2014/08
2014-07-11Rob VandenBrinkApple pushes OS X update to block out of date Flash versions -
2014-04-28Russ McReeAdobe Security Bulletin: Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player
2014-04-08Rick WannerSecurity Updates available for Adobe Flash Player -
2014-03-11Johannes UllrichAdobe Updates: Flash Player
2013-12-10Rob VandenBrinkAdobe Updates today as well.
2013-05-08Johannes Ullrich"De Flashing" the ISC Web Site and Flash XSS issues
2013-03-02Scott FendleyApple Blocks Older Insecure Versions of Flash Player
2013-02-27Adam SwangerAdobe Flash Player Security Update -
2013-02-20Johannes UllrichUpdate Palooza
2013-02-12Swa FrantzenAdobe Feb 2013 Black Tuesday patches
2013-02-07John BambenekAdobe Releases Patches for 0-day Vulnerability in Flash Player for Windows and Mac, Upgrade now:
2013-01-09Rob VandenBrinkSecurity Updates for Adobe Flash -
2012-11-08Daniel WesemannAdobe Patches
2012-10-24Rob VandenBrinkTime to run Windows Update - - Microsoft Updates KB2755801 for Windows RT / IE10 / Flash Player -
2012-10-09Johannes UllrichAdobe Flash Player update
2012-09-21Guy BruneauUpdate for Vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer 10 (2755801)
2012-09-20Russ McReeFlash Player update but no announcement, check your version
2012-08-21Adrien de BeaupreYYABCAFU - Yes Yet Another Bleeping Critical Adobe Flash Update
2012-08-03Guy BruneauFlash Player 11.3.300.270 for Windows released to address a crash -
2012-05-25Guy BruneauTechnical Analysis of Flash Player CVE-2012-0779
2012-05-04Guy BruneauAdobe Security Flash Update
2012-04-14Rick WannerFlashback Trojan Removal Tool Released
2012-04-12Guy BruneauApple Java Updates for Mac OS X
2012-03-28Kevin ShorttAdobe Flash Player APSB12-07 - 28 March 2012
2012-03-05Johannes UllrichAdobe Flash Player Security Update
2012-03-05Johannes UllrichFlashback Malware now with Twitter C&C
2012-02-24Guy BruneauFlashback Trojan in the Wild
2012-02-16Johannes UllrichAdobe Flash Player Update
2011-12-08Adrien de BeaupreNewest Adobe Flash and Previous 0 Day Exploit
2011-11-11Rick WannerAdobe Flash update to
2011-10-21Johannes UllrichNew Flash Click Jacking Exploit
2011-09-21Swa FrantzenEmergency patch expected for Flash Player
2011-09-21Guy BruneauAdobe Release Flash Player available at
2011-08-26Daniel WesemannAdobe Flash stability update to See
2011-08-05Johannes UllrichMicrosoft Patch Tuesday Advance Notification: 13 Bulletins coming
2011-06-30Guy BruneauAdobe Release Flash Player available at
2011-06-06Johannes UllrichAdobe releases Flash Player patch on a Sunday to combat latest 0day
2011-04-14Johannes UllrichUpdate to Adobe Flash 0-day: Patch will be out soon
2011-04-11Johannes UllrichYet another Adobe Flash/Reader/Acrobat 0 day
2011-03-14Bojan ZdrnjaAdobe Flash 0-day being used in targeted attacks
2011-03-02Chris MohanUpdates: Firefox 3.6.14/3.5.17, Thunderbird 3.1.8, Adobe Flash v10.2.152.32 & WireShark 1.4.4
2011-02-09Mark HofmanAdobe Patches (shockwave, Flash, Reader & Coldfusion)
2011-01-06Johannes UllrichFlash Local-with-filesystem Sandbox Bypass
2010-11-01Manuel Humberto Santander PelaezCVE-2010-3654 exploit in the wild
2010-09-14Adrien de BeaupreAdobe Flash v10.1.82.76 and earlier vulnerability in-the-wild
2010-08-18Guy BruneauAdobe out-of-cycle Updates
2010-06-16Kevin ShorttAdobe Flash Player 10.1 - Security Update Available
2010-06-05Guy BruneauSecurity Advisory for Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Acrobat
2010-02-16Robert DanfordAdobe Updates:
2010-02-12G. N. WhiteAdobe Flash Player and AIR released to correct vulnerability CVE-2010-0186 Details:
2010-01-21Chris CarboniSecurity Update Available for Shockwave Player
2010-01-12Johannes UllrichMicrosoft Advices XP Users to Uninstall Flash Player 6
2010-01-06Guy BruneauSecure USB Flaw Exposed
2009-12-09Swa FrantzenAdobe flash player and air patched
2009-11-13Adrien de BeaupreFlash Origin Policy Attack
2009-09-04Adrien de BeaupreSo, you updated your Flash did you?
2009-08-25Bojan ZdrnjaFlash attack vectors (and worms)
2009-07-22Bojan ZdrnjaYA0D (Yet Another 0-Day) in Adobe Flash player
2009-05-01Adrien de BeaupreAdobe Flash Media Server privilege escalation security bulletin
2009-02-25Andre LudwigAdobe flash player patch
2008-12-05Daniel WesemannBeen updatin' your Flash player lately?
2008-11-22G. N. WhitePicture Printing Kiosks & Flash Memory Devices
2008-10-15Mari NicholsAdobe Flash 10 Released
2008-05-28Jim ClausingFollowup to Flash/swf stories
2008-05-27Adrien de BeaupreAdobe flash player vuln
2008-04-09Raul SilesCritical vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player
2006-11-14Jim ClausingMS06-069: Adobe Flash Player
2006-11-14Swa FrantzenAdobe Flash update available
2006-09-12Swa FrantzenAdobe Flash player upgrade time
2006-09-06Johannes UllrichUpdated Packet Attack flash animation