Date Author Title
2023-02-09Xavier MertensA Backdoor with Smart Screenshot Capability
2022-08-30Johannes UllrichTwo things that will never die: bash scripts and IRC!
2021-04-02Xavier MertensC2 Activity: Sandboxes or Real Victims?
2018-05-19Xavier MertensMalicious Powershell Targeting UK Bank Customers
2013-01-09Rob VandenBrinkHotmail seeing some temporary access issues
2013-01-08Richard PorterA picture worth a 1000 barcodes?
2012-12-06Johannes UllrichHow to identify if you are behind a "Transparent Proxy"
2012-05-22Johannes UllrichWhen factors collapse and two factor authentication becomes one.
2011-10-01Mark HofmanAdobe Photoshop for Windows Vulnerability (CVE-2011-2443)
2011-06-08Johannes UllrichSpam from compromised Hotmail accounts
2009-10-05Adrien de BeaupreTime to change your hotmail/gmail/yahoo password
2009-08-18Deborah HaleSecurity Bulletin for ColdFusion and JRun
2008-08-16Marcus SachsAnother Infected Digital Photo Frame