Date Author Title
2022-12-29Jesse La GrewOpening the Door for a Knock: Creating a Custom DShield Listener
2022-12-19Xavier MertensHunting for Mastodon Servers
2022-11-29Johannes UllrichIdentifying Groups of "Bot" Accounts on LinkedIn
2022-09-19Russ McReeChainsaw: Hunt, search, and extract event log records
2022-06-10Russ McReeEPSScall: An Exploit Prediction Scoring System App
2022-03-11Xavier MertensKeep an Eye on WebSockets
2022-03-02Johannes UllrichThe More Often Something is Repeated, the More True It Becomes: Dealing with Social Media
2021-12-28Russ McReeLotL Classifier tests for shells, exfil, and miners
2021-03-02Russ McReeAdversary Simulation with Sim
2021-01-19Russ McReeGordon for fast cyber reputation checks
2020-11-29Didier StevensQuick Tip: Using JARM With a SOCKS Proxy
2020-10-23Russ McReeSooty: SOC Analyst's All-in-One Tool
2020-02-05Brad DuncanFake browser update pages are "still a thing"
2019-04-04Xavier MertensNew Waves of Scans Detected by an Old Rule
2018-06-21Xavier MertensAre Your Hunting Rules Still Working?
2018-05-24Xavier Mertens"Blocked" Does Not Mean "Forget It"
2017-08-31Tom WebbRemote SOC Workers Concerns
2017-07-16Renato MarinhoSMS Phishing induces victims to photograph its own token card
2017-03-31Xavier MertensPro & Con of Outsourcing your SOC
2015-11-21Didier StevensMaldoc Social Engineering Trick
2015-11-09John BambenekProtecting Users and Enterprises from the Mobile Malware Threat
2014-08-20Kevin ShorttSocial Engineering Alive and Well
2014-02-05Johannes UllrichTo Merrillville or Sochi: How Dangerous is it to travel?
2014-01-24Chris MohanPhishing via Social Media
2013-07-13Lenny ZeltserDecoy Personas for Safeguarding Online Identity Using Deception
2013-07-08Richard PorterWhy do we Click?
2013-02-25Johannes UllrichMass-Customized Malware Lures: Don't trust your cat!
2012-04-06Johannes UllrichSocial Share Privacy
2011-05-25Lenny ZeltserMonitoring Social Media for Security References to Your Organization
2011-05-10Swa FrantzenChanging MO in scamming our users ?
2010-12-29Daniel WesemannBeware of strange web sites bearing gifts ...
2010-11-22Lenny ZeltserBrand Impersonations On-Line: Brandjacking and Social Networks
2010-09-16Johannes UllrichFacebook "Like Pages"
2010-07-07Kevin ShorttFacebook, Facebook, What Do YOU See?
2010-06-26Guy Bruneausocat to Simulate a Website
2010-06-14Manuel Humberto Santander PelaezNew way of social engineering on IRC
2010-06-10Deborah HaleTop 5 Social Networking Media Risks
2010-05-02Mari NicholsZbot Social Engineering
2010-04-29Bojan ZdrnjaWho needs exploits when you have social engineering?
2010-04-13Johannes UllrichMore Legal Threat Malware E-Mail
2009-06-01G. N. WhiteYet another "Digital Certificate" malware campaign
2009-04-24Pedro BuenoDid you check your conference goodies?
2009-03-26Mark HofmanWebhoneypot fun
2009-01-18Maarten Van HorenbeeckTargeted social engineering