Date Author Title
2023-09-24Didier StevensYARA Support for .LNK Files
2023-04-22Didier StevensYARA v4.3.1 Release
2023-04-07Xavier MertensDetecting Suspicious API Usage with YARA Rules
2023-04-02Didier StevensYARA v4.3.0 Release
2023-03-02Didier StevensYARA: Detect The Unexpected ...
2023-02-01Didier StevensDetecting (Malicious) OneNote Files
2023-01-07Didier StevensYARA v4.3.0-rc1 --skip-larger
2022-12-31Didier StevensYARA v4.3.0-rc1 --print-xor-key
2022-08-20Didier StevensYARA 4.2.3 Released
2022-07-02Didier StevensYARA 4.2.2 Released
2022-04-30Didier StevensYARA 4.2.1 Released
2022-03-13Didier StevensYARA 4.2.0 Released
2022-02-20Didier StevensVideo: YARA's Console Module
2022-01-30Didier StevensYARA's Console Module
2021-11-28Didier StevensVideo: YARA Rules for Office Maldocs
2021-11-25Didier StevensYARA's Private Strings
2021-11-23Didier StevensYARA Rule for OOXML Maldocs: Less False Positives
2021-07-03Didier StevensFinding Strings With
2021-05-30Didier StevensYARA Release v4.1.1
2021-04-03Didier StevensVideo: YARA and CyberChef
2021-02-21Didier StevensDDE and oledump
2021-02-06Didier StevensYARA v4.0.5
2021-01-31Didier StevensYARA v4.0.4
2020-12-10John BambenekWriting Yara Rules for Fun and Profit: Notes from the FireEye Breach Countermeasures
2020-06-27Didier StevensVideo: YARA's BASE64 Strings
2020-06-14Didier StevensYARA's BASE64 Strings
2020-05-30Didier StevensYARA v4.0.1
2020-05-10Didier StevensYARA v4.0.0: BASE64 Strings
2019-10-14Didier StevensYARA's XOR Modifier
2019-10-12Didier StevensYARA v3.11.0 released
2018-10-07Didier StevensYARA XOR Strings: Some Remarks
2018-10-06Didier StevensYARA: XOR Strings
2018-10-01Didier StevensDeveloping YARA Rules: a Practical Example
2017-10-24Xavier MertensStop relying on file extensions
2017-01-30Didier Stevenspy2exe Decompiling - Part 2
2016-05-21Didier StevensPython Malware - Part 2
2016-01-13Alex StanfordYou Have Got a New Audio Message - Guest Diary by Pasquale Stirparo
2016-01-01Didier StevensFailure Is An Option
2015-12-17Alex StanfordWhen Hunting BeEF, Yara rules (Part 2)
2015-03-30Didier StevensYARA Rules For Shellcode
2015-03-17Didier StevensFrom PEiD To YARA