Date Author Title
2024-05-16Rob VandenBrinkWhy yq? Adventures in XML
2023-12-11Rob VandenBrinkWhat is sitemap.xml, and Why a Pentester Should Care
2022-09-16Didier StevensWord Maldoc With CustomXML and Renamed VBAProject.bin
2022-09-15Xavier MertensMalicious Word Document with a Frameset
2022-03-18Johannes UllrichScans for Movable Type Vulnerability (CVE-2021-20837)
2021-01-24Didier StevensVideo: Doc & RTF Malicious Document
2021-01-23Didier StevensCyberChef: Analyzing OOXML Files for URLs
2020-10-10Didier StevensOpen Packaging Conventions
2018-10-26Xavier MertensDissecting Malicious Office Documents with Linux
2016-02-03Xavier MertensAutomating Vulnerability Scans
2014-03-12Johannes UllrichWordpress "Pingback" DDoS Attacks
2013-11-01Russ McReeSecunia's PSI Country Report - Q3 2013
2011-11-10Rob VandenBrinkStuff I Learned Scripting - - Parsing XML in a One-Liner
2009-08-08Kevin ListonSun OpenSSO Enterprise/Sun Access Manager XML Vulnerabilities
2009-08-08Guy BruneauXML Libraries Data Parsing Vulnerabilities
2009-02-19Bojan ZdrnjaMS09-002, XML/DOC and initial infection vector
2009-01-31Swa FrantzenVMware updates
2006-11-14Jim ClausingMS06-071: MSXML Core Services
2006-09-19Swa FrantzenYet another MSIE 0-day: VML