Date Author Title
2021-02-17Brad DuncanMalspam pushing Trickbot gtag rob13
2020-03-18Brad DuncanTrickbot gtag red5 distributed as a DLL file
2020-01-28Brad DuncanEmotet epoch 1 infection with Trickbot gtag mor84
2019-12-11Brad DuncanGerman language malspam pushes yet another wave of Trickbot
2019-09-18Brad DuncanEmotet malspam is back
2019-09-03Johannes Ullrich[Guest Diary] Tricky LNK points to TrickBot
2019-03-06Brad DuncanMalspam with password-protected word docs still pushing IcedID (Bokbot) with Trickbot
2018-11-14Brad DuncanDay in the life of a researcher: Finding a wave of Trickbot malspam
2018-09-26Brad DuncanOne Emotet infection leads to three follow-up malware infections
2018-05-09Xavier MertensNice Phishing Sample Delivering Trickbot
2017-08-15Brad DuncanMalspam pushing Trickbot banking Trojan