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7 hours ago Samsung's next-gen processor smashes AnTuTu benchmark record

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It's not surprising that Samsung's next-generation Exynos 8890 processor is delivering a strong performance in early benchmarks but the record score the chipset has set in AnTuTu is still something that should turn heads. Per PhoneArena, the Exynos 8890 set a new record on benchmark site AnTuTu over the weekend with a score of 103,692, which smashed the previous AnTuTu benchmark score of 79,000 achieved by Huawei's Kirin 950 chipset. The new chipset also broke records on Geekbench earlier this year as well, so this impressive performance shouldn't be too much of a surprise. DON'T MISS: Amazon's big Cyber Monday 2015 sale is here: Everything you need to know Terrific performance isn't the only thing Samsung's newest chipset will offer, as the company

19 hours ago Why Ransomware Is Not Going Away Any Time Soon

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2015 has been an eventful year in the world of malware, and few threats have risen more dramatically than ransomware. Unlike other types of malware that attempt to steal data, ransomware such as CryptoWall or CTB Locker simply encrypt data on the infected machine or network, and then demand payment from the victims in order to decrypt the frozen data.

1 day ago Microsoft takes PUPs behind the shed with gun in hand

The Register View Synopsis+1
Cute canines safe, 'Potentially unwanted programs' now nixed by System Centre or Forefront

Remond has updated its paid System Center Endpoint Protection and Forefront Endpoint Protection services with a feature to kill spammy and advertising injecting programs operating from within enterprise networks.

22 hours ago Report: Insiders Still Top Breach Threat

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
While cyberattacks will continue to menace healthcare and other business sectors next year, organizations can't afford to overlook addressing risks tied to insiders, who are responsible for most data breaches, says Michael Bruemmer of Experian Data Breach Resolution.

Top News

7 hours ago Hacked toymaker leaked gigabytes worth of kids' headshots and chat logs

ArsTechnica View Synopsis+1
Company encouraged parents to use the pictures and chats with the apps it sold.

6 hours ago Armada Collective makes ransom demands on Greek banks: Report

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
Banking sources say hackers have disrupted internet services and made bitcoin ransom demands against three Greek banks, but have not accessed client details.

6 hours ago BlackBerry to leave Pakistan 30 December

The Register View Synopsis+1
Crypto comms outfit hits eject after Govt backdoor demand

Blackberry will pull out of Pakistan on New Year's Eve in protest of the Government's demand to intercept data.

5 hours ago What is Business Continuity?

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Business continuity means maintaining the uninterrupted availability of all key business resources required to support essential business activities. An organization's business strategies and decisions are based on an assumption of the business c...

2 hours ago Dell certificates vulnerability: How to protect your Windows systems

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A pair of digital certificates released by Dell produced a vulnerability that could expose Windows systems to risk. Learn the scope of the threat and how to remediate it.

14 hours ago Securing SSH with the CIS Critical Security Controls

SANS Reading Room View Synopsis+1
A SANS Analyst Program whitepaper by Barb Filkins. It discusses how the Critical Security Controlscoupled with good configuration management processescan support the effort required to avoid the risks inherent to SSH.

9 hours ago WordPress sites once again being compromised

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The Reader's Digest and other WordPress-based websites are once again on the receiving end of a hacking campaign with this one injecting the sites with malware that has uses Angler exploit kit upload various trojans.

8 hours ago 7 Tips From The FBI To Prepare Your Firm For A Cyber Attack

Forbes View Synopsis+1
An overview of the cybersecurity efforts of the FBI and 7 tips to help your firm prepare for a cyber attack.

19 hours ago Cryptanalysis of Algebraic Eraser

Schneier blog View Synopsis+1

Algebraic Eraser is a public-key key-agreement protocol that's patented and being pushed by a company for the Internet of Things, primarily because it is efficient on small low-power devices. There's a new cryptanalytic attack.

This is yet another demonstration of why you should not choose proprietary encryption over public algorithms and protocols. The good stuff is not patented.

News article.

10 hours ago Hack Brief: Hacker Strikes Kids' Gadget Maker VTech to Steal 5 Million Accounts

WIRED View Synopsis+1

VTech's breach is one of the biggest yet, and it affected hundreds of thousands of children.

The post Hack Brief: Hacker Strikes Kids' Gadget Maker VTech to Steal 5 Million Accounts appeared first on WIRED.

Latest News

10 hours ago Bringing Email Privacy Law Into the 21st Century

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Congress Mulls Bills to Require Warrants to Gain Access to Old EmailsLegislation pending before both houses of Congress, if enacted, would change a nearly 30-year-old law to require the government to obtain a warrant to access the content of emails that are 180 days old or older. Why do some agencies oppose the proposal?

59 minutes ago Can't get a break: Pwned Linux ransomware pwned again, infects 3000

The Register View Synopsis+1
Versions one, two, decrypted days after launch.

Pwned ransomware Linux Encoder has infected 3000 machines in a month, Russian security firm Dr Web says, despite the fact both versions of the software have been neutered.

2 hours ago Kaspersky: 1 in 7 people use one password

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
Security firm Kaspersky has found that one in seven people are leaving themselves open to attack by having the one password for multiple accounts.

2 hours ago Team America, world police, take down 37,479 counterfeit sites

The Register View Synopsis+1
27 nations collaborate on biggest web shonk takedown ever

A band of merry world police lead by the United States Customs and Border Protection service shut down 37,479 copyright-infringing websites hawking counterfeit goods in the lead up to the Cyber Monday buying blitz.

2 hours ago Search engine optimization begins with relevance testing

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Relevance, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. Two users performing the same query often have different ideas about which documents best match the query. Customers coming to your Web site will leave if they can't find a product in the color they want. Your users will certainly complain if they can't find a certain document no matter what keywords they enter. When search isn't

2 hours ago Three reasons why big data won't replace your data warehouse just yet

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In its report, A new frontier in analytics | Data Discovery, Deloitte concludes that "The old days of relatively stable data marts and data warehouses are giving way to a new era in which the data flows like a river and must be

2 hours ago Welcome to The NVMe Place (Non Volatile Memory Express)

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Welcome to the NVM Express (NVMe) place containing various links and content on you guessed it, NVMe which is a companion to The SSD Place which has a broader Non Volatile Memory (NVM) focus including flash among other SSD topics. NVMe is a new server storage I/O access method and protocol for fast access to NVM based storage and memory technologies. NVMe is an alternative to existing block based server

2 hours ago Samsung Electronics names new smartphone head as heir apparent makes mark

Yahoo Security View Synopsis+1

By Se Young Lee SEOUL (Reuters) - Tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd's long-time handset division chief is ceding day-to-day management of the struggling smartphone business in the biggest leadership change yet under the Samsung conglomerate's heir-apparent, Jay Y. Lee. Samsung Group said 54-year-old Dongjin Koh will take over as president of the mobile communications business from 59-year-old J.K. Shin, who will remain head of the overall mobile division for Samsung Electronics and focus on long-term strategy and developing new growth businesses. The move diminishes Shin's influence on the mobile business as the former cash-cow battles to reverse a slide in its market share to rivals like Apple Inc, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd [HWT.UL] and Xiaomi Inc [XTC.UL].

2 hours ago Invisible forces appear to be at play in this bizarre car accident video

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Videos of strange vehicle accidents are a dime a dozen in 2015 with all of the traffic and dashboard cameras littering the streets, but there's still an occasional incident so odd that we can't help but bring it to your attention. This is one of those incidents. SEE ALSO: Hackers vs. terrorists: How Anonymous wants to beat ISIS Before we try to find an explanation, you should just watch the video: At first glance, it appears that a large, invisible rhinoceros might have run through traffic, knocking over cars in its way like bowling pins. There also might have been a huge gust of wind, but if that's the case, then why didn't the people standing next to the vehicles get blown away as

3 hours ago Google denies Israeli YouTube monitoring deal

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
The Israeli government has corrected its statement on Google agreeing to help monitor YouTube content after the tech giant denied an agreement had been reached.

4 hours ago Node.js sysadmins, get ready to patch

The Register View Synopsis+1
DoS bug fix coming

Sysadmins: within around the next 24 to 48 hours, watch out for an upcoming update to node.js to cover off a couple of vulnerabilities.

4 hours ago BlackBerry to exit Pakistan over privacy concerns

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
The Canadian former giant BlackBerry has ended speculation by announcing on Monday that it will exit the Pakistani market before the end of 2015.

4 hours ago Hacked toymaker leaked gigabytes' worth of kids' headshots and chat logs

ArsTechnica View Synopsis+1
Company encouraged parents to use the pictures and chats with the apps it sold.

5 hours ago Hackers hit three Greek banks with ransom demands-sources

Yahoo Security View Synopsis+1
Hackers have staged cyber-attacks on three Greek banks and demanded a ransom in bitcoins, a virtual monetary unit, to stop their disruption, banking sources said on Monday. The sources said the hackers managed to block the Internet banking activity of three Greek lenders for a few hours last Thursday but did not penetrate the banks' security or obtain confidential client data or access to accounts.

8 hours ago Business Email Compromise Attacks Rapidly Evolving

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Business email compromise attacks are becoming more sophisticated and pervasive, and smaller businesses in English-speaking countries are proving to be the most common targets, says PhishLabs' Joseph Opacki, who calls on banks to show customers examples of the schemes.

8 hours ago Video: Fed's Focus on Faster Payments

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
David Lott on Federal Reserve's Security StrategyAs the U.S. moves toward faster payments, it must include new payments providers, such as Apple Pay and Square, as well as banks in all efforts to ensure security, says David Lott of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

8 hours ago Supreme Court hears first appeals case for exec convicted under CFAA

SC Magazine View Synopsis+1
The U.S. Supreme Court hears a case that could determine determine requirements of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).

9 hours ago Black SEO offered to cyber-criminals

SC Magazine View Synopsis+1
Trend Micro's new report has shown that Chinese Cyber-criminals are selling SEO services on Apple's App store.

9 hours ago FBI investigates Russian hacker that stole billions of login credentials

SC Magazine View Synopsis+1
A suspected Russian hacker claiming to have stolen 1.2 billion unique email and password combinations is being pursued by the FBI.

9 hours ago BlackBerry says no to Pakistani backdoor gambit

ArsTechnica View Synopsis+1
Government ordered shutdown of enterprise service unless BlackBerry gave total access.

10 hours ago Popcorn Time Goes Communal In Response To MPAA Pressure

Forbes View Synopsis+1
Popcorn Time, an infamous open source project that makes pirating films via Bittorrent as easy as using Netflix is back yet again after development was suspended for about three weeks. The app is as controversial as it is easy to use, meaning that there are parties on both sides of the [...]

11 hours ago Hey Reader's Digest: Your site has been attacking visitors for days

ArsTechnica View Synopsis+1
Researchers estimate the same campaign has infected thousands of other sites.

11 hours ago A Series Of Unfortunate Tech Predictions - Blockchain

Forbes View Synopsis+1
It's the time of year when futurists and all manner of tech analysts decide to break out the crystal ball and make some predictions for the coming months and years. Of course, I'm no different, but I don't need the title of futurist to do it. I've decided rather than write one [...]