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20 hours ago Radio Shack is selling out personal data

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Bad enough that hackers are penetrating companies and selling personal information. Now, it?s Radio Shack that?s getting in on the ?fun?!!! Apparently,as part of the bankruptcy sale, they are planning to auction off their customer database. As s...

1 day ago Noose around Internet's TLS system tightens with 2 new decryption attacks

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Exploits pluck passwords and other sensitive data out of encrypted data streams.

23 hours ago Court recording biz with clients EVERYWHERE has forums breached

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Transcripts untouched thanks to forum and user password mismatch

Australian court transcription company "For The Record" - which bills itself as "The No.1 digital evidence recording platform in the world" and says its products are "used in courtrooms throughout North America, Europe and Asia" - has had its forum hacked.

23 hours ago Password-protect Your Outlook Mailbox and Recover a Forgotten Password

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Losing the Outlook Password can crate a troublesome situation, as Microsoft doesn't offer any method to reset your Outlook Password. In such scenario, users should opt for method undermentioned to reset outlook password.

22 hours ago Organizational Toxins

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The purpose of every organization is for all the parts to work together harmoniously.  Given that organizations are composed of people, this is easy to say, but hard to do.


It's interesting to watch the normal ebb and flow of human interactions throughout the office.  Some days the engineering team is a total hero.  Other days, they are the complete goat.  It

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49 minutes ago Dimensions Of Flash And Storing The World

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Storage has enormous value as the amount of information being stored increases. This is driving the need for various types of storage technologies as well as new storage systems software in order to manage the need to work with all this content. We expect more interesting things in the future - in fact we recently heard that a Seagate executive was talking about bringing back 5.25" HDDs to meet the storage needs of big data centers!

16 hours ago "‹BlackBerry turns Q4 profit, but revenue continues to crater

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BlackBerry's turnaround remains a work in progress, but the company has more than enough capital to see it through. The company does need to stabilize revenue.

16 hours ago Yet Another Computer Side Channel

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Researchers have managed to get two computers to communicate using heat and thermal sensors. It's not really viable communication -- the bit rate is eight per hour over fifteen inches -- but it's neat.

9 hours ago Cybersecurity Bills: Latest Developments

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Info-Sharing Bill Advances; Breach Notice Measure UnveiledThe House Intelligence Committee has approved cyberthreat information sharing legislation that its leaders developed. Meanwhile, a national data breach notification bill has been introduced that's modeled on language proposed by the White House.

8 hours ago Do this now: Secure your home Wi-Fi network with just one click

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Recent reports have shown that Wi-Fi routers are frequent targets for hackers who try to reroute some of the Internet traffic from the homes of unsuspecting users to fake websites that masquerade as genuine trusted sites. From there, they send the users more ads than they'd usually see while online, potentially steal their personal information, and perform other malicious tasks. To help users discover whether their home routers have been taken over by skilled attackers, F-Secure has come up with a simple online tool called Router Checker that lets anyone secure their home network with just one click. DON'T MISS: Android fans confess what they envy most about iOS The software analyzes the security of your Wi-Fi router and tells you whether any

8 hours ago British court dismisses Google appeal

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A British court has dismissed Google's appeal to prevent consumers from being able to sue the company over its alleged tracking of Safari users.

7 hours ago Hotel Router Vulnerability A Reminder Of Untrusted WiFi Risks

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A flaw in a popular router product may have exposed millions of hotel guests, says Cylance

7 hours ago NJ School District Recovers From Ransomware Attack (March 25, 2015)

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A New Jersey school district's network was held hostage by ransomware.......

17 hours ago U.S. Offers $3 Million Reward for Alleged Russian Cybercriminals

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The U.S. Department of State announced on Thursday that it's offering a total reward of $3 million for information leading to the arrest or conviction of two Russian nationals suspected of being involved in cybercriminal activities.

14 hours ago Protect your Mac with Sesame 2 multi-factor authentication

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Jesus Vigo reviews the multi-factor authentication protection offered by Sesame 2 for modern Mac desktops or laptops.

12 hours ago Using Sysmon to Enrich Security Onion's Host-Level Capabilities

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In 2003, Gartner declared Intrusion Detection Systems as a

9 hours ago Slack Says It Was Hacked, Enables Two-Factor Authentication

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On Friday Slack announced on its corporate blog that it was hacked over the course of four days in February.

The post Slack Says It Was Hacked, Enables Two-Factor Authentication appeared first on WIRED.

Latest News

4 hours ago Hotel Wi-Fi not only hideously expensive - it's horribly insecure

The Register View Synopsis+1
Wide-open rsync blunder leaves popular gateways vulnerable to hijacking

Travelers are used to getting screwed over by hotel internet access.

5 hours ago Hotel Wi-Fi not only expensive - it's fatally flawed on security front

The Register View Synopsis+1
Wide-open rsync blunder leaves popular gateways vulnerable to hijacking

Travelers are used to getting screwed over by hotel internet access.

5 hours ago Half of enterprises have no budget at all for mobile security, survey finds

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Study finds companies gung-ho about mobility and mobile apps, but only throw pennies out to secure them.

7 hours ago Yahoo releases transparency report for last half of 2014

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The company released its newest transparency report iteration on Thursday, which demonstrated a drop in requests from the prior six months.

7 hours ago Tech Start-Up Slack Technologies Hacked

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Company Rolls Out Two-Factor Authentication Post-AttackSlack Technologies, a tech start-up that offers a group chat tool, announces it's rolling out two-factor authentication after hackers breached a database of user profile information.

7 hours ago Friday Squid Blogging: Using Squid Proteins for Commercial Camouflage Products

Schneier blog View Synopsis+1

More research.

As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven't covered.

7 hours ago Botnet services attract scammers on Twitch seeking quick viewer boost

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Symantec observed that the botnet services were being advertised on the underground, but also through public postings.

7 hours ago Federal Reserve Bank of NY Creates Dedicated Cyber Security Threat Team (March 24, 25 & 26, 2015)

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The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has established a team dedicated to "strengthening and improving [the organization's ] overall supervisory approach to cyber security.......

7 hours ago Insurers Doing Business in NY State Notified of New Cyber Security Requirements (March 26, 2015)

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The superintendent of the New York State Department of Financial Services has notified insurers doing business in that state that they have until April 27 to inform regulators of their efforts to protect data from cyber attacks.......

7 hours ago Hotel Wi-Fi Router Firmware Vulnerability (March 26, 2015)

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The routers used by many hotel chains for their Wi-Fi networks have a vulnerability that put guests at risk of malware infection and data theft.......

7 hours ago Slack announces breach, unauthorized access to database

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Slack announced that unauthorized access was gained to a database for roughly four days in February, and suspicious activity has been detected on a small number of accounts.

7 hours ago Flak for Slack chaps in yak app hack flap: User database whacked

The Register View Synopsis+1
Now's a good to enable two-factor auth, says biz chat startup

Workplace chat app Slack, popular among West Coast startup hipsters among others, has been hacked, its makers said today.

8 hours ago Twitch-targeting botnets use infected PCs to inflate viewer audiences

ArsTechnica View Synopsis+1
With celebrity gamers receiving hefty sums for big audiences, it was inevitable.

9 hours ago Slack confirms security breach, intros two-factor authentication

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
Slack has become somewhat of a tech startup darling in the race to revolutionize email (again) "‹since launching a few years back.

11 hours ago Schneider Electric Fixes Vulnerabilities in HMI Products

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Schneider Electric has released software updates to address several vulnerabilities affecting the Wonderware InTouch Machine Edition 2014 and InduSoft Web Studio product lines.