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2 days ago E-mails phished from Russian critic were "tainted" before being leaked

ArsTechnica View Synopsis+1
Campaign targeting more than 200 people also spread disinformation, report says.

2 days ago Separate then Solve: A practical example

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Yesterday I wrote Separate then Solve: a model for solving problems to explain how I tackle really knotty problems.  People tell me that they like how I manage this kind of challenge - especially in team situations where there are lots of stakeholders.  That

1 day ago "ªWannaCry"¬pt ransomware note likely written by Google Translate-using Chinese speakers

The Register View Synopsis+1
Signs of machine translation spotted by analysts

The "ªWannaCry"¬pt extortion notes was most likely written by a Chinese speaking authors, according to linguistic analysis.

1 day ago How to build your own VPN if you're (rightfully) wary of commercial options

ArsTechnica View Synopsis+1
While not perfect, either, cloud hosting providers have a better customer data record.

1 day ago Trump has an iPhone with one app: Twitter

ArsTechnica View Synopsis+1
Trump retired his trademark Samsung device in March after taunting Schwarzenegger.

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1 day ago Amazon's app store compromises Android security

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
It's dangerous to go alone outside Google's protective walled garden, but it's the price you pay for free software.

1 day ago Iterate and Reconcile: Completing the Solution

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Yesterday I shared Separate then Solve: A practical example in which I showed how to approach knotty problems in team situations "orthogonally" - or in a blind processes, where they don't know where the process is going until the very end. 


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12 hours ago Houdini Worm Gets Posted to Paste Sites

SecurityWeek View Synopsis+1

Recorded Future security researchers recently discovered that the Houdini worm has been posted hundreds of times on paste sites over the past several months.

1 day ago Video: Follow these tips to protect your network from ransomware

TechRepublic View Synopsis+1
Ransomware is a growing trend. Here's what you need to do to stop it.

1 day ago Nigerians Get Lengthy Prison Terms for 'Romance Scams'

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
3 Extradited Fraudsters Sentenced in US Following Conviction by JuryThree Nigerian nationals who were convicted of a range of charges - including identity theft and payment card fraud - have been sentenced in the U.S. to serve up to 115 years in jail. Prosecutors says they were part of a "large-scale international fraud network" and involved in so-called "romance scams."

1 day ago This Weird Web Page Glitch Could Crash Your Windows Computer

Forbes View Synopsis+1
Some malware, like ransomware, can be incredibly destructive. Some malware invades your privacy. And then there's malware that's just plain annoying.

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10 hours ago CRM Benefits: Dual Value Creation

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One of the key benefits of CRM is its ability to create value for both customers and your company. This benefit is sometimes referred to as ?dual value creation.?