Date Author Title
2024-06-20Guy BruneauNo Excuses, Free Tools to Help Secure Authentication in Ubuntu Linux [Guest Diary]
2024-04-29Guy BruneauLinux Trojan - Xorddos with Filename eyshcjdmzg
2023-07-24Rob VandenBrinkJQ: Another Tool We Thought We Knew
2023-07-01Russ McReeSandfly Security
2023-03-11Xavier MertensOverview of a Mirai Payload Generator
2023-01-26Tom WebbLive Linux IR with UAC
2023-01-23Xavier MertensWho's Resolving This Domain?
2022-12-20Xavier MertensLinux File System Monitoring & Actions
2021-11-21Didier StevensBackdooring PAM
2021-09-20Johannes Ullrich#OMIGOD Exploits Captured in the Wild. Researchers responsible for half of scans for related ports.
2020-07-19Guy BruneauScanning Activity for ZeroShell Unauthenticated Access
2020-07-11Guy BruneauScanning Home Internet Facing Devices to Exploit
2019-06-18Johannes UllrichWhat You Need To Know About TCP "SACK Panic"
2018-10-26Xavier MertensDissecting Malicious Office Documents with Linux
2018-10-17Russ McReeRedHunt Linux - Adversary Emulation, Threat Hunting & Intelligence
2018-08-05Didier StevensVideo: Maldoc analysis with standard Linux tools
2017-10-18Renato MarinhoBaselining Servers to Detect Outliers
2017-06-14Xavier MertensSystemd Could Fallback to Google DNS?
2016-07-27Xavier MertensAnalyze of a Linux botnet client source code
2016-05-18Russ McReeResources: Windows Auditing & Monitoring, Linux 2FA
2016-05-08Jim ClausingGuest Diary: Linux Capabilities - A friend and foe
2016-03-28Xavier MertensImproving Bash Forensics Capabilities
2014-11-25Adrien de BeaupreLess is, umm, less?
2014-08-16Lenny ZeltserWeb Server Attack Investigation - Installing a Bot and Reverse Shell via a PHP Vulnerability
2014-03-07Tom WebbLinux Memory Dump with Rekall
2013-12-24Daniel WesemannUnfriendly crontab additions
2013-05-14Swa FrantzenCVE-2013-2094: Linux privilege escalation
2011-08-31Johannes Compromise
2011-07-31Daniel WesemannAnatomy of a Unix breach
2011-06-01Johannes UllrichEnabling Privacy Enhanced Addresses for IPv6
2011-05-01Deborah HaleDroid MarketPlace Has a New App
2010-09-17Robert DanfordCirca 2007 Linux Kernel Vulnerability Resurfaces (Was CVE-2007-4573, Now CVE-2010-3301)
2009-07-17Bojan ZdrnjaA new fascinating Linux kernel vulnerability
2008-07-31Swa FrantzenLinus - Linux and Security - follow-up
2008-07-29Swa FrantzenLinus - Linux and Security
2008-06-10Swa FrantzenLinux ASN.1 BER kernel buffer overflow
2008-05-13Swa FrantzenOpenSSH: Predictable PRNG in debian and ubuntu Linux