Date Author Title
2024-02-21Jan KoprivaPhishing pages hosted on
2023-11-01Xavier MertensMalware Dropped Through a ZPAQ Archive
2023-06-05Johannes UllrichBrute Forcing Simple Archive Passwords
2023-05-17Xavier MertensIncrease in Malicious RAR SFX files
2022-06-04Guy BruneauSpam Email Contains a Very Large ISO file
2022-05-20Xavier MertensA 'Zip Bomb' to Bypass Security Controls & Sandboxes
2021-07-29Xavier MertensMalicious Content Delivered Through
2021-07-21Johannes Ullrich"Summer of SAM": Microsoft Releases Guidance for CVE-2021-36934
2021-07-20Bojan ZdrnjaSummer of SAM - incorrect permissions on Windows 10/11 hives
2018-11-20Xavier MertensQuerying DShield from Cortex
2017-12-05Tom WebbIR using the Hive Project.
2017-09-30Lorna HutchesonWho's Borrowing your Resources?
2017-08-25Xavier MertensMalicious AutoIT script delivered in a self-extracting RAR file