Date Author Title
2024-01-02Johannes UllrichFingerprinting SSH Identification Strings
2023-08-17Jesse La GrewCommand Line Parsing - Are These Really Unique Strings?
2022-06-23Xavier MertensFLOSS 2.0 Has Been Released
2022-04-10Didier StevensVideo: Method For String Extraction Filtering
2022-04-09Didier StevensMethod For String Extraction Filtering
2021-11-25Didier StevensYARA's Private Strings
2021-09-25Didier StevensStrings Analysis: VBA & Excel4 Maldoc
2021-09-25Didier StevensVideo: Strings Analysis: VBA & Excel4 Maldoc
2021-07-03Didier StevensFinding Strings With
2021-06-28Didier StevensCFBF Files Strings Analysis
2021-01-10Didier StevensMaldoc Analysis With CyberChef
2021-01-09Didier StevensMaldoc Strings Analysis
2021-01-01Didier StevensStrings 2021
2020-10-25Didier StevensVideo: Pascal Strings
2020-06-01Jim ClausingStackstrings, type 2
2020-05-22Didier StevensSome Strings to Remember
2020-05-21Xavier MertensMalware Triage with FLOSS: API Calls Based Behavior
2020-04-27Xavier MertensPowershell Payload Stored in a PSCredential Object
2018-12-09Didier StevensQuickie: String Analysis is Still Useful
2018-01-01Didier StevensWhat is new?
2014-04-05Jim ClausingThose strange e-mails with URLs in them can lead to Android malware
2013-06-21Guy BruneauSysinternals Updates for Autoruns, Strings & ZoomIt
2013-05-20Guy BruneauSysinternals Updates for Accesschk, Procdump, RAMMap and Strings
2013-01-15Rob VandenBrinkWhen Disabling IE6 (or Java, or whatever) is not an Option...
2007-01-03Toby KohlenbergVLC Media Player udp URL handler Format String Vulnerability