Date Author Title
2023-05-17Xavier MertensIncrease in Malicious RAR SFX files
2022-09-26Xavier MertensEasy Python Sandbox Detection
2022-07-20Xavier MertensMalicious Python Script Behaving Like a Rubber Ducky
2021-06-11Xavier MertensKeeping an Eye on Dangerous Python Modules
2019-04-22Didier Stevens.rar Files and ACE Exploit CVE-2018-20250
2018-11-19Xavier MertensThe Challenge of Managing Your Digital Library
2017-10-15Didier StevensPeeking into .msg files
2017-08-25Xavier MertensMalicious AutoIT script delivered in a self-extracting RAR file
2016-11-22Didier StevensUpdate:ZIP With Comment
2016-01-20Xavier Mertens/tmp, %TEMP%, ~/Desktop, T:\, ... A goldmine for pentesters!
2015-12-23Rob VandenBrinkLibraries and Dependencies - It Really is Turtles All The Way Down!
2015-02-03Johannes UllrichWhat is using this library?
2014-11-04Daniel WesemannWhois someone else?
2013-07-10Johannes Ullrich.NL Registrar Compromisse
2008-04-22donald smithSymantec decomposer rar bypass allowed malicious content.