Date Author Title
2023-04-13Johannes UllrichHTTP: What's Left of it and the OCSP Problem
2022-07-06Johannes UllrichHow Many SANs are Insane?
2022-05-12Rob VandenBrinkWhen Get-WebRequest Fails You
2022-02-14Johannes UllrichReminder: Decoding TLS Client Hellos to non TLS servers
2021-09-28Jan KoprivaTLS 1.3 and SSL - the current state of affairs
2021-04-16Xavier MertensHTTPS Support for All Internal Services
2021-04-15Johannes UllrichWhy and How You Should be Using an Internal Certificate Authority
2021-03-30Jan KoprivaOld TLS versions - gone, but not forgotten... well, not really "gone" either
2020-12-30Jan KoprivaTLS 1.3 is now supported by about 1 in every 5 HTTPS servers
2020-12-19Guy BruneauSecure Communication using TLS in Elasticsearch
2020-09-09Johannes UllrichA First Look at macOS 11 Big Sur Network Traffic (New! Now with more GREASE!)
2019-12-13Jan KoprivaInternet banking sites and their use of TLS... and SSLv3... and SSLv2?!
2019-10-22Bojan ZdrnjaTesting TLSv1.3 and supported ciphers
2019-10-21Jim ClausingWhat's up with TCP 853 (DNS over TLS)?
2019-08-07Bojan ZdrnjaVerifying SSL/TLS configuration (part 2)
2019-07-23Bojan ZdrnjaVerifying SSL/TLS configuration (part 1)
2019-04-13Johannes UllrichConfiguring MTA-STS and TLS Reporting For Your Domain
2018-08-10Remco VerhoefHunting SSL/TLS clients using JA3
2018-01-22Didier StevensHTTPS on every port?
2017-05-30Johannes UllrichFreeRadius Authentication Bypass
2017-03-08Richard PorterWhat is really being proxied?
2017-03-01Bojan ZdrnjaSSL/TLS on port 389. Say what?
2016-07-05Johannes UllrichApache Update: TLS Certificate Authentication Bypass with HTTP/2 (CVE-2016-4979)
2016-01-08Mark HofmanSLOTH, attack on TLS using MD5
2015-05-20Brad DuncanLogjam - vulnerabilities in Diffie-Hellman key exchange affect browsers and servers using TLS
2015-02-11Johannes UllrichDid PCI Just Kill E-Commerce By Saying SSL is Not Sufficient For Payment Info ? (spoiler: TLS!=SSL)
2014-08-11Bojan ZdrnjaVerifying preferred SSL/TLS ciphers with Nmap
2014-06-12Johannes UllrichMetasploit now includes module to exploit CVE-2014-0195 (OpenSSL DTLS Fragment Vuln.)
2014-03-04Daniel WesemannTriple Handshake Cookie Cutter
2011-09-22Rob VandenBrinkTLS 1.2 - Look before you Leap !
2011-09-20Kevin ListonSSL/TLS Vulnerability Details to be Released Friday
2011-07-10Raul SilesSecurity Testing SSL/TLS (HTTPS) Implementations
2010-07-23Mark HofmanA bit old, however CISCO has updated the November 2009 TLS renegotiation vulnerability with additional vulnerable products and patch information. More details here
2010-04-25Raul SilesManual Verification of SSL/TLS Certificate Trust Chains using Openssl
2010-02-10Marcus SachsVulnerability in TLS/SSL Could Allow Spoofing
2009-11-13Adrien de BeaupreTLS & SSLv3 renegotiation vulnerability explained
2009-11-06Andre LudwigNew version of OpenSSL released - OpenSSL 0.9.8l
2009-11-05Swa FrantzenTLS Man-in-the-middle on renegotiation vulnerability made public
2009-10-16Adrien de BeaupreCyber Security Awareness Month - Day 16 - Port 1521 - Oracle TNS Listener
2009-05-09Patrick NolanUnusable, Unreadable, or Indecipherable? No Breach reporting required