Date Author Title
2024-02-18Guy BruneauMirai-Mirai On The Wall... [Guest Diary]
2023-10-18Jesse La GrewHiding in Hex
2023-09-28Didier StevensIPv4 Addresses in Little Endian Decimal Format
2023-03-26Didier StevensCyberChef Version 10 Released
2022-12-18Guy BruneauInfostealer Malware with Double Extension
2022-12-17Didier StevensCyberChef & Entropy
2022-12-11Didier StevensQuickie: CyberChef Sorting By String Length
2022-11-11Didier StevensUpdate: IPv4 Address Representations
2022-09-17Didier StevensVideo: Analyzing Obfuscated VBS with CyberChef
2021-09-25Didier StevensStrings Analysis: VBA & Excel4 Maldoc
2021-09-25Didier StevensVideo: Strings Analysis: VBA & Excel4 Maldoc
2021-07-18Didier StevensVideo: CyberChef BASE85 Decoding
2021-04-03Didier StevensVideo: YARA and CyberChef
2021-01-23Didier StevensCyberChef: Analyzing OOXML Files for URLs
2021-01-15Guy BruneauObfuscated DNS Queries
2021-01-10Didier StevensMaldoc Analysis With CyberChef
2019-10-27Guy BruneauUnusual Activity with Double Base64 Encoding
2018-10-16Didier StevensCyberChef: BASE64/XOR Recipe
2017-05-28Guy BruneauCyberChef a Must Have Tool in your Tool bag!