Date Author Title
2023-08-25Xavier MertensPython Malware Using Postgresql for C2 Communications
2023-07-23Guy BruneauInstall & Configure Filebeat on Raspberry Pi ARM64 to Parse DShield Sensor Logs
2023-05-07Didier StevensQuickly Finding Encoded Payloads in Office Documents
2022-10-16Didier StevensVideo: Analysis of a Malicious HTML File (QBot)
2022-10-13Didier StevensAnalysis of a Malicious HTML File (QBot)
2022-09-09Didier StevensMaldoc With Decoy BASE64
2022-08-26Xavier MertensPaypal Phishing/Coinbase in One Image
2022-06-19Didier StevensVideo: Decoding Obfuscated BASE64 Statistically
2022-06-18Didier StevensDecoding Obfuscated BASE64 Statistically
2021-09-16Jan KoprivaPhishing 101: why depend on one suspicious message subject when you can use many?
2021-07-18Didier StevensVideo: CyberChef BASE85 Decoding
2021-07-17Didier StevensBASE85 Decoding With
2021-07-16Xavier MertensMultiple BaseXX Obfuscations
2021-07-02Xavier Mertens""... Multiple Base64 Encodings
2021-04-24Guy BruneauBase64 Hashes Used in Web Scanning
2021-01-29Xavier MertensSensitive Data Shared with Cloud Services
2020-12-26Didier Supported Encodings
2020-12-07Didier StevensCorrupt BASE64 Strings: Detection and Decoding
2020-09-27Didier StevensDecoding Corrupt BASE64 Strings
2020-06-27Didier StevensVideo: YARA's BASE64 Strings
2020-06-14Didier StevensYARA's BASE64 Strings
2020-06-08Didier StevensTranslating BASE64 Obfuscated Scripts
2020-05-30Didier StevensYARA v4.0.1
2020-05-10Didier StevensYARA v4.0.0: BASE64 Strings
2019-10-27Guy BruneauUnusual Activity with Double Base64 Encoding
2019-06-03Didier StevensTip: BASE64 Encoded PowerShell Scripts are Recognizable by the Amount of Letter As
2018-02-02Xavier MertensSimple but Effective Malicious XLS Sheet
2017-10-18Renato MarinhoBaselining Servers to Detect Outliers
2017-08-07Xavier MertensIncrease of phpMyAdmin scans
2017-07-24Russell EubanksTrends Over Time
2017-07-08Xavier MertensA VBScript with Obfuscated Base64 Data
2017-03-19Xavier MertensSearching for Base64-encoded PE Files
2017-01-31Johannes UllrichMalicious Office files using fileless UAC bypass to drop KEYBASE malware
2016-11-24Didier StevensExtracting Shellcode From JavaScript
2016-10-08Russell EubanksUnauthorized Change Detected!
2016-01-30Xavier MertensAll CVE Details at Your Fingertips
2015-07-05Didier StevensWorking with base64
2014-09-27Guy BruneauWhat has Bash and Heartbleed Taught Us?
2014-03-13Daniel WesemannIdentification and authentication are hard ... finding out intention is even harder
2010-06-07Manuel Humberto Santander PelaezSoftware Restriction Policy to keep malware away
2009-06-04Raul SilesNew version (v of BASE available
2008-12-17donald smithTeam CYMRU's Malware Hash Registry
2006-09-13Swa FrantzenPHP - shared hosters, take note.