Vendors Take Note, Mark II, DHS Cyber Chief Departure

Published: 2004-10-02
Last Updated: 2004-10-03 16:05:56 UTC
by Dave Brookshire (Version: 1)
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In September 27th's diary entry, Joshua Wright included a stanza asking software vendors to determine whether or not their software has distributed vulnerable gdiplus.dll libraries, and provide appropriate replacements as soon as possible. Reports from users of Tom Liston's GDIscan ( ) of finding vulnerable versions in a variety of software applications has continued. This morning, Will Harper wrote in requesting the Handlers expand our notice to these vendors.

If your software package utilizes the gdiplus.dll library, please notify your users by e-mail or a posting to your website with the application-specific fix necessary to close this vulnerability as soon as possible. Suggestions are to instruct the users how to copy a non-broken version over the vulnerable one, or provide a properly fixed version themselves.

Editorial: DHS Cyber Chief Departure.

Many in the cyber security community were shocked to learn of Amit Yoran's departure from the Department of Homeland Security's National Cyber Security Division on Friday. Amit was appointed in September 2003 to head the NCSD, which
was formed in June of that year. The NCSD was not part of the original
design of DHS, but was added to the Department's structure after intense
lobbying from both industry and government officials. It is unfortunate
that Amit choose to leave after only a year at the helm of the NCSD, but
we applaud the work he did over the past year and extend our
appreciation to him for his service.

It is important that DHS move quickly to find a new cyber chief who can continue the work started by Amit. This person needs to be able to work directly with cyber security policy officials in the Office of Management and Budget and the Homeland Security Council in the White House, as well as with CIOs and CISOs of
the other federal departments and agencies. Additionally, the next
chief needs to have close ties with cyber security leaders in industry,
academia, and especially the international community. Cyber security is
too important to bury under layers of bureaucracy. A strong partnership
between the public and private sectors, both domestically and
internationally, is needed to ensure the security and reliability of the
global Internet. (Written by Marcus Sachs, ISC Director)

Dave Brookshire, dsb AT parapet DOT net

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