Request for AIM IDs Involved with GDI Exploits; GDIscan Tutorial

Published: 2004-09-30
Last Updated: 2004-10-01 01:30:51 UTC
by George Bakos (Version: 1)
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Request for AIM IDs Involved with GDI Exploits

On September 28, we had an entry about GDI exploits being spread via AIM. We know of at least two subject messages that have appeared in the popup messages:

1) Check out my profile, click GET INFO!

2) hi you. Look at my new profile. click on GET INFO!

The AIM IDs these messages have come from have been an initial mix of alphanumeric characters followed by 6-7 numeric digits. If anyone receives an AIM message similar to these, we are requesting that you provide that information to the ISC.

GDIscan Tutorial

We have had a few questions about how 98/ME/95 users can see the results of gdiscan. Mr Abrams documented the steps do it and has updated his tutorial with instructions for the OS version users.

The URL to his tutorial is


David Goldsmith

dgoldsmith at

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