Botnet Report; MD5 Checksum; Handlers Update, Live from Las Vegas

Published: 2004-10-03
Last Updated: 2004-10-05 19:56:30 UTC
by Cory Altheide (Version: 1)
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Botnet Report

A large botnet was reported to the handlers by Vidar Wilkens from, that was actively engaging in exploiting IP addresses. The information was passed on to the proper authorities for investigation. More information will be made available when we are able to do so.

MD5 Checksum

Since the development of the Gdiscan tool by our very own Tom Liston, it has gone through many iterations and changes which have required the MD5 checksums to be updated as well. Surprisingly, very few have questioned the hashes when they haven't matched after an update. If you aren't in the habit of checking the MD5 hashes of files, its important that you do so. While, not fool proof, the hash can tell you whether the file has been modified. Everyone should remember a couple of years back when SendMail was compromised with a Trojan and the only way to verify if the file you downloaded if you didn't have PGP was to check its MD5 checksum. If you don't do it now, start making it a habit to verify what you are downloading. For more information on the SendMail compromise see

SANS Handlers Make Land Sailing Record Attempt

Dateline- Las Vegas

Written by: An anonymous handler (however, initials are TL)
In the windy hallways of the Riveria Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada, the SANS
Internet Storm Center Handlers are planning to make an attempt to set the
World's Speed Record for sailing a bellhop luggage cart using a hotel bedsheet
as a sail. Unbelievably, it is claimed that the consumption of alcohol is not
involved in the attempt, but rather simply some strange combination of geek
curiosity and testosterone. We will update the diary with the results of this
grand experiment and tell you to which hospital cards and flowers are to be sent.

Lorna Hutcheson

Handler on Duty

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