Adobe Patches (shockwave, Flash, Reader & Coldfusion)

Published: 2011-02-09
Last Updated: 2011-02-09 21:36:02 UTC
by Mark Hofman (Version: 1)
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Just to add to the list of patches released: (thanks Frank, Ric, Jack):

Make sure you update these products as well please. 




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A quick heads up for anyone that signed up for redistribution - as of 10am GMT 10/Feb, the 'distribution msi' for Shockwave for Windows is still The slim and full exe versions are
At last as of 10am GMT 14/Feb the distribution msi is version ''. I have one machine which is showing Think someone may have made a mistake?
There's a lot of chatter on the Adobe forums about Acrobat 9.4.2 causing network printing failures, especially to HP printers. Evidently Acrobat X and Reader 9.4.2 do not have this problem. Adobe says they are working on a fix.

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