Date Author Title
2023-09-09Guy Bruneau?Anyone get the ASN of the Truck that Hit Me?!?: Creating a PowerShell Function to Make 3rd Party API Calls for Extending Honeypot Information [Guest Diary]
2023-08-25Xavier MertensPython Malware Using Postgresql for C2 Communications
2022-07-26Xavier MertensHow is Your macOS Security Posture?
2021-11-30Johannes UllrichHunting for PHPUnit Installed via Composer
2021-03-10Rob VandenBrinkSharpRDP - PSExec without PSExec, PSRemoting without PowerShell
2019-03-06Xavier MertensKeep an Eye on Disposable Email Addresses
2018-06-25Didier StevensGuilty by association
2018-06-05Xavier MertensMalicious Post-Exploitation Batch File
2017-06-28Brad DuncanCatching up with Blank Slate: a malspam campaign still going strong
2017-05-20Xavier MertensTyposquatting: Awareness and Hunting
2017-04-02Guy BruneauIPFire - A Household Multipurpose Security Gateway
2017-02-02Rick WannerMultiple vulnerabilities discovered in popular printer models
2016-12-11Russ McReeSteganography in Action: Image Steganography & StegExpose
2016-10-25Xavier MertensAnother Day, Another Spam...
2016-02-22Xavier MertensReducing False Positives with Open Data Sources
2015-03-18Daniel WesemannNew SANS memory forensics poster
2014-11-24Richard PorterSomeone is using this? PoS: Compressor
2014-08-29Johannes UllrichFalse Positive or Not? Difficult to Analyze Javascript
2014-02-03Johannes UllrichWhen an Attack isn't an Attack
2013-10-25Rob VandenBrinkKaspersky flags TCPIP.SYS as Malware
2013-10-24Johannes UllrichFalse Positive: Malware Alert
2013-07-16Johannes UllrichWhy don't we see more examples of web app attacks via POST?
2013-04-04Johannes UllrichPostgresql Patches Critical Vulnerability
2013-01-08Richard PorterYahoo Web Interface Report: Compose and Send
2012-05-16Johannes UllrichAvira Antivirus false positives
2012-01-16Kevin ShorttZappos Breached
2011-03-09Kevin ShorttAVG Anti-Virus 2011 False Positives - Luhe.Exploit.PDF.B
2011-02-21Adrien de BeaupreWinamp forums compromised
2010-11-04Johannes UllrichMicrosoft Smart Screen False Positivies
2010-07-29Rob VandenBrinkFBI, Slovenian and Spanish Police announce more arrests of Mariposa Botnet Creator, Operators
2010-06-15Manuel Humberto Santander PelaeziPhone 4 Order Security Breach Exposes Private Information
2010-04-21Guy BruneauMcAfee DAT 5958 Update Issues
2009-12-03Mark HofmanAvast false positives
2009-07-12Mari NicholsCA Apologizes for False Positive
2008-12-04Bojan ZdrnjaFinjan blocking access to
2008-07-07Pedro BuenoBad url classification
2008-04-22donald smithSymantec decomposer rar bypass allowed malicious content.