Date Author Title
2023-05-19Xavier MertensWhen the Phisher Messes Up With Encoding
2021-07-16Xavier MertensMultiple BaseXX Obfuscations
2021-05-27Jan KoprivaAll your Base are...nearly equal when it comes to AV evasion, but 64-bit executables are not
2020-12-26Didier Supported Encodings
2019-05-06Didier StevensText and Text
2018-08-26Didier StevensIdentifying numeric obfuscation
2018-08-06Didier StevensNumeric obfuscation: another example
2018-08-04Didier StevensDealing with numeric obfuscation in malicious scripts
2017-05-28Guy BruneauCyberChef a Must Have Tool in your Tool bag!
2015-10-20Bojan ZdrnjaWhen encoding saves the day
2012-10-23Rob VandenBrinkCyber Security Awareness Month - Day 23: Character Encoding Standards - ASCII and Successors