Date Author Title
2021-03-05Xavier MertensSpam Farm Spotted in the Wild
2018-12-13Xavier MertensPhishing Attack Through Non-Delivery Notification
2018-08-01Johannes UllrichWhen Cameras and Routers attack Phones. Spike in CVE-2014-8361 Exploits Against Port 52869
2016-06-22Bojan ZdrnjaSecurity through obscurity never works
2016-05-02Rick WannerFake Chrome update for Android
2015-07-28Rick WannerAndroid Stagefright multimedia viewer prone to remote exploitation
2014-04-26Guy BruneauAndroid Users - Beware of Bitcoin Mining Malware
2014-04-05Jim ClausingThose strange e-mails with URLs in them can lead to Android malware
2014-04-01Basil Alawi S.TaherUpgrading Your Android, Elevating My Malware
2012-05-18Johannes UllrichZTE Score M Android Phone backdoor
2012-03-03Jim ClausingNew automated sandbox for Android malware
2011-11-01Russ McReeHoneynet Project: Android Reverse Engineering (A.R.E.) Virtual Machine released
2011-09-07Lenny ZeltserAnalyzing Mobile Device Malware - Honeynet Forensic Challenge 9 and Some Tools
2011-05-18Bojan ZdrnjaAndroid, HTTP and authentication tokens
2011-03-03Manuel Humberto Santander PelaezRogue apps inside Android Marketplace
2010-12-31Bojan ZdrnjaAndroid malware enters 2011
2010-01-11Johannes UllrichFake Android Application
2008-11-25Andre LudwigTmobile G1 handsets having DNS problems?