Date Author Title
2024-06-06Xavier MertensMalicious Python Script with a "Best Before" Date
2023-06-24Guy BruneauEmail Spam with Attachment Modiloader
2018-09-20Xavier MertensHunting for Suspicious Processes with OSSEC
2018-06-18Xavier MertensMalicious JavaScript Targeting Mobile Browsers
2018-06-05Xavier MertensMalicious Post-Exploitation Batch File
2018-03-05Xavier MertensMalicious Bash Script with Multiple Features
2017-10-27Renato Marinho"Catch-All" Google Chrome Malicious Extension Steals All Posted Data
2017-09-18Xavier MertensGetting some intelligence from malspam
2017-08-29Renato MarinhoSecond Google Chrome Extension Banker Malware in Two Weeks
2017-03-04Xavier MertensHow your pictures may affect your website reputation
2016-11-16Xavier MertensExample of Getting Analysts & Researchers Away
2010-12-01Deborah HaleA Gentle Reminder - It is that time of year again
2010-11-02Johannes UllrichLimited Malicious Search Engine Poisoning for Election
2010-09-26Daniel WesemannPDF analysis paper
2010-04-08Bojan ZdrnjaJavaScript obfuscation in PDF: Sky is the limit
2009-05-27donald smithHost file black lists