Date Author Title
2024-02-08Xavier MertensA Python MP3 Player with Builtin Keylogger Capability
2023-12-23Xavier MertensPython Keylogger Using
2022-07-20Xavier MertensMalicious Python Script Behaving Like a Rubber Ducky
2022-04-25Xavier MertensSimple PDF Linking to Malicious Content
2021-06-11Xavier MertensKeeping an Eye on Dangerous Python Modules
2021-03-18Xavier MertensSimple Python Keylogger
2020-08-14Jan KoprivaDefinition of 'overkill' - using 130 MB executable to hide 24 kB malware
2019-02-21Xavier MertensSimple Powershell Keyloggers are Back
2019-02-07Xavier Mertens Phishing Kit with JavaScript Keylogger
2010-09-28Daniel WesemannSupporting the economy (in Russia and Ukraine)
2009-04-09Johannes UllrichConficker update with payload
2008-11-05donald smithIf you missed President Elect Obamas speech have some malware instead