Date Author Title
2021-06-19Xavier MertensEasy Access to the NIST RDS Database
2021-04-24Guy BruneauBase64 Hashes Used in Web Scanning
2021-04-19Jan KoprivaHunting phishing websites with favicon hashes
2020-08-22Guy BruneauRemote Desktop (TCP/3389) and Telnet (TCP/23), What might they have in Common?
2020-05-15Rob VandenBrinkHashes in PowerShell
2018-06-27Renato MarinhoSilently Profiling Unknown Malware Samples
2017-09-19Jim ClausingNew tool:
2017-09-06Adrien de BeaupreModern Web Application Penetration Testing , Hash Length Extension Attacks
2016-08-22Russ McReeRed Team Tools Updates: hashcat and SpiderFoot
2015-08-31Xavier MertensDetecting file changes on Microsoft systems with FCIV
2015-03-18Daniel WesemannPass the hash!
2015-02-17Rob VandenBrinkoclHashcat 1.33 Released
2015-02-10Mark BaggettDetecting Mimikatz Use On Your Network
2014-09-19Guy BruneauAdded today in oclhashcat 131 Django [Default Auth] (PBKDF2 SHA256 Rounds Salt) Support -
2014-08-22Richard PorterOCLHashCat 1.30 Released
2013-12-10Rob VandenBrinkThose Look Just Like Hashes!
2013-09-05Rob VandenBrinkBuilding Your Own GPU Enabled Private Cloud
2013-08-22Russ McReeRead of the Week: A Fuzzy Future in Malware Research
2013-06-11Swa FrantzenStore passwords the right way in your application
2012-10-04Johannes UllrichCyber Security Awareness Month - Day 4: Crypto Standards
2012-04-02Johannes UllrichSHA 1-2-3
2011-06-28Johannes UllrichHashing Passwords
2010-02-25Chris CarboniPass The Hash
2010-02-15Johannes UllrichNew ISC Tool: Whitelist Hash Database
2009-10-23Johannes UllrichLittle new tool: reversing md5/sha1 hashes