Date Author Title
2024-02-18Guy BruneauMirai-Mirai On The Wall... [Guest Diary]
2024-01-07Guy BruneauSuspicious Prometei Botnet Activity
2023-12-27Guy BruneauUnveiling the Mirai: Insights into Recent DShield Honeypot Activity [Guest Diary]
2023-11-27Guy BruneauDecoding the Patterns: Analyzing DShield Honeypot Activity [Guest Diary]
2023-11-22Guy BruneauCVE-2023-1389: A New Means to Expand Botnets
2023-11-09Guy BruneauRouters Targeted for Gafgyt Botnet [Guest Diary]
2023-03-11Xavier MertensOverview of a Mirai Payload Generator
2022-02-15Xavier MertensWho Are Those Bots?
2021-11-26Guy BruneauSearching for Exposed ASUS Routers Vulnerable to CVE-2021-20090
2021-10-04Johannes UllrichBoutique "Dark" Botnet Hunting for Crumbs
2020-06-13Guy BruneauMirai Botnet Activity
2019-08-14Brad DuncanRecent example of MedusaHTTP malware
2019-07-26Kevin ShorttDVRIP Port 34567 - Uptick
2018-12-23Guy BruneauScanning Activity, end Goal is to add Hosts to Mirai Botnet
2017-05-08Renato MarinhoExploring a P2P Transient Botnet - From Discovery to Enumeration
2016-12-07Xavier MertensThe Passwords You Should Never Use
2016-09-10Xavier MertensOngoing IMAP Scan, Anyone Else?
2016-07-27Xavier MertensAnalyze of a Linux botnet client source code
2014-10-09Johannes UllrichCSAM: My servers started speaking IRC, and that is when I started to listen!
2014-01-16Kevin ShorttPort 4028 - Interesting Activity
2013-12-07Guy BruneauSuspected Active Rovnix Botnet Controller
2011-02-28Deborah HalePossible Botnet Scanning
2011-01-11Kevin ShorttSpam Cannons on Holiday
2010-07-29Rob VandenBrinkFBI, Slovenian and Spanish Police announce more arrests of Mariposa Botnet Creator, Operators
2010-04-23Adrien de BeaupreShadowserver botnet rules
2009-12-21Marcus SachsiPhone Botnet Analysis
2009-11-13Deborah HalePushdo/Cutwail Spambot - A Little Known BIG Problem
2009-11-08Kevin ListonFireEye takes on Ozdok and Recovery Ideas
2009-10-10Tony CarothersUser Notification for Possible Infected Systems
2009-09-16Raul SilesIETF Draft for Remediation of Bots in ISP Networks
2009-05-07Deborah HaleBotnet hijacking reveals 70GB of stolen data
2008-09-01John BambenekThe Number of Machines Controlled by Botnets Has Jumped 4x in Last 3 Months
2008-07-19William SaluskyA twist in fluxnet operations. Enter Hydraflux
2008-07-15Maarten Van HorenbeeckBot controller mimicry
2008-04-07John BambenekGot Kraken?
2008-04-07John BambenekKraken Technical Details: UPDATED x3
2006-08-31Swa FrantzenNT botnet submitted
2006-08-31Joel EslerMS06-040 Worm