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ISC StormCast for Monday, July 28th 2014

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SANS Daily Network Security Podcast (Stormcast) for Monday, July 28th 2014

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#MSFT #IE Will Rat You Out! Finally: Synology Patches for DSM 4.2; Tails advisory for I2P Bug; Honeydrive Update!

TAILS published advisory for I2P Problem

Synology Patches for DSM 4.2

New Version of Honeydrive

Simatic Patches for ICS

How a Bot Can Use Internet Explorer to Learn More about a Victim
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Hello -
In today's podcast, Dr. Ullrich mentioned a talk in Boston on Tuesday and said to reach out via the SANS page to find out details...

I couldn't find an email address on his 'handler' page, so please forward this message to him.

Thank you!

Scott Wood
Posted by Scott_Boston on Mon Jul 28 2014, 19:43
oops. forgot to add it: jullrich - at - sans.edu or just use our contact page above https://isc.sans.edu/contact.html
Posted by Dr. J. on Mon Jul 28 2014, 19:58

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