World cup football South Africa 2010

All eyes will be on South Africa for the next few weeks whilst the FIFA World Cup unfolds.  However with an event reportedly bigger than the Olympics. It is likely that scams, spam and other money making efforts will target the event or at least will use the interest in the event to hide and do their thing.  A little reminder to staff to be vigilant and a little less eager to click that OK button will go a long way.  As always if you see something interesting, let us know via the contact form.  

As for my pick a  Brazil - Spain final ;-)   


(8 minutes to go)


The first few SPAM emails have already been sighted (in fact yesterday)  subject along the lines of "FIFA World Cup South Africa._. bad news"  and attachment, news.html. Typically these redirect to another site. 


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Jun 11th 2010

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