Currently Unpatched Windows / Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities

Thanks to our reader Dan for getting this started. Here is a preliminary table on various Internet Explorer and Windows vulnerabilities that are as of yet unpatched.Let me know if I forgot one. I originally planned to include some of the older issues, but none of them appears to be as relevant/serious as the issues in this list.

CVE Name Release Date Affected Exploit and comments Mitigation
 no CVE Use after free error within "mshtml.dll" Jan 5th 2011 IE 7,8  
CVE-2010-3970 Graphics Rendering Engine Jan 4th 2011 Windows XP/VIsta (not: 7, 2008 R2) Available

Disable shimgvw.dll

MSFT Advisory #2490606

no CVE WMI ActiveX Control Dec 23rd 2010 IE with WMI ActiveX Control installed
See this Websense blog for details
set killbit on affected ActiveX control
CVE-2010-3971 CSS Import Rule Processing Use-After-Free Vulnerability Dec 14th 2010 IE 6,7,8 PoC available. Critical

Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit

MSFT Advisory #2488013


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Jan 5th 2011
Vuln. in IIS FTP from just before xmas:
VUPEN has a whole list of unpatched Windows vulnerabilities:

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