Maldoc Falsely Represented as DOCX Invoice Redirecting to Fake Apple Store

Published: 2020-04-18
Last Updated: 2020-04-18 18:38:24 UTC
by Guy Bruneau (Version: 1)
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This is a phishing document received today pretending to be an invoice (Word Document) from Apple Support but initial analysis shows it is a PDF document.

Using Unix command file to verify the file type: BgtCyNSnF4ZIpxYsNfvqsVB3TxfwkH6cuywkUcuLc.docx: PDF document, version 1.7

MD5: 756b20a4e96cdce0882bbff696313ccc  BgtCyNSnF4ZIpxYsNfvqsVB3TxfwkH6cuywkUcuLc.docx

First, using

Something caught my eye where is shows /URI 4 items and some stream objects. Using the against the file like this:

Again, I see the file appears to have some URLs (/URI). With another pass, this time to get the URLs:

The URL isn't used to download malware to the host but to entice the user to login a fake Apple store to steal the user credentials.

Since the SSL certificate is valid (green lock), I open it up to see how long it has been register. Based on the certificate information, the certificate was issued 5 days ago by cPanel and active for the same amount of time:

[1] https[:]//appstore[.]invoiceapp[.]com.ksmdhf827j[.]info

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