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Published: 2012-05-24
Last Updated: 2012-05-24 20:01:06 UTC
by Adam Swanger (Version: 1)
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As promised in the Data/Reports Feature Diary, this week we will cover the Country Report page at in detail. The Worldmap graphic on this page is used in numerous spots around the site and links back here in most cases.


Worldmap -

  • Summary graph color coded with legend by port
  • Grouped and graphed by percentage (%)

Country Statistics -

  • Link to Country Report page which individually lists countries,  as well as other features worthy of its own feature.
  • To view specific country summary data, select a Country name from the drop-down and click Submit.
  • Summary table of country name, country flag, additional information and data submitted through our sensor

How to read this table / FAQs -

  • Detailed explanation of the Statistics table above and where certain information is pulled from.


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