Date Author Title
2022-11-17Johannes UllrichLessons Learned from Automatic Failover: When "disappears". IPv6 to the Rescue?
2021-09-24Xavier MertensKeep an Eye on Your Users Mobile Devices (Simple Inventory)
2021-09-07Johannes UllrichWhy I Gave Up on IPv6. And no, it is not because of security issues.
2020-06-05Johannes UllrichCyber Security for Protests
2019-03-06Johannes UllrichMarch Edition of Ouch! Newsletter: Securely Disposing Mobile Devices
2019-01-30Russ McReeCR19-010: The United States vs. Huawei
2018-06-18Xavier MertensMalicious JavaScript Targeting Mobile Browsers
2016-08-11Pasquale StirparoLooking for the insider: Forensic Artifacts on iOS Messaging App
2015-12-29Daniel WesemannNew Years Resolutions
2015-11-09John BambenekProtecting Users and Enterprises from the Mobile Malware Threat
2014-07-28Guy BruneauManagement and Control of Mobile Device Security
2014-04-01Basil Alawi S.TaherUpgrading Your Android, Elevating My Malware
2012-12-03Kevin ListonMobile Malware: Request for Field Reports
2012-10-02Russ McReeCyber Security Awareness Month - Day 2 - PCI Security Standard: Mobile Payment Acceptance Security Guidelines
2011-09-07Lenny ZeltserAnalyzing Mobile Device Malware - Honeynet Forensic Challenge 9 and Some Tools
2011-07-19Richard PorterSMS Phishing at the SANSFire 2011 Handler Dinner
2011-07-13Guy BruneauAre Mobile Devices taking over your Corporate Network?
2010-10-20Jim ClausingCyber Security Awareness Month - Day 20 - Securing Mobile Devices
2010-05-15Deborah HaleOnboard Computers Subject to Attack?
2010-01-11Johannes UllrichFake Android Application
2009-07-01Bojan ZdrnjaMobile phone trojans
2008-11-25Andre LudwigTmobile G1 handsets having DNS problems?
2008-07-15Maarten Van HorenbeeckBlackBerry PDF parsing vulnerability