Date Author Title
2024-01-26Xavier MertensA Batch File With Multiple Payloads
2023-06-11Guy BruneauDShield Honeypot Activity for May 2023
2021-06-21Rick WannerMitre CWE - Common Weakness Enumeration
2021-02-13Guy BruneauvSphere Replication updates address a command injection vulnerability (CVE-2021-21976) -
2021-02-05Xavier MertensVBA Macro Trying to Alter the Application Menus
2020-02-14Xavier MertensKeep an Eye on Command-Line Browsers
2019-10-01Johannes UllrichA Quick Look at Some Current Comment Spam
2019-07-16Russ McReeCommando VM: The Complete Mandiant Offensive VM
2019-01-27Russell EubanksResolve to Be More Involved In Your Local Community - REVISITED
2018-07-30Xavier MertensExploiting the Power of Curl
2018-05-02Russ McReeWindows Commands Reference - An InfoSec Must Have
2018-01-29Didier StevensComment your Packet Captures - Extra!
2016-11-22Didier StevensUpdate:ZIP With Comment
2016-11-21Didier StevensZIP With Comment
2016-07-26Johannes UllrichCommand and Control Channels Using "AAAA" DNS Records
2016-04-15Xavier MertensWindows Command Line Persistence?
2015-10-12Guy BruneauCritical Vulnerability in Multiple Cisco Products - Apache Struts 2 Command Execution
2015-02-11Johannes UllrichDid PCI Just Kill E-Commerce By Saying SSL is Not Sufficient For Payment Info ? (spoiler: TLS!=SSL)
2013-02-17Guy BruneauHP ArcSight Connector Appliance and Logger Vulnerabilities
2013-01-30Richard PorterGetting Involved with the Local Community
2011-02-02Johannes UllrichHaving Phish on Friday
2011-01-24Rob VandenBrinkWhere have all the COM Ports Gone? - How enumerating COM ports led to me finding a “misplaced” Microsoft tool
2010-03-24Kyle HaugsnessWax nostalgic - commodore64 updated to present time
2010-02-06Guy BruneauLANDesk Management Gateway Vulnerability
2010-01-27Raul SilesCommand Line Kung Fu
2009-12-19Deborah HaleEducationing Our Communities