Date Author Title
2023-12-16Xavier MertensAn Example of RocketMQ Exploit Scanner
2023-11-09Guy BruneauRouters Targeted for Gafgyt Botnet [Guest Diary]
2022-08-30Johannes UllrichTwo things that will never die: bash scripts and IRC!
2018-11-26Xavier MertensObfuscated bash script targeting QNap boxes
2018-03-05Xavier MertensMalicious Bash Script with Multiple Features
2016-03-28Xavier MertensImproving Bash Forensics Capabilities
2015-03-12Johannes UllrichWho got the bad SSL Certificate? Using tshark to analyze the SSL handshake.
2014-09-25Johannes UllrichUpdate on CVE-2014-6271: Vulnerability in bash (shellshock)