Date Author Title
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2020-07-20Rick WannerSextortion Update: The Final Final Chapter
2020-06-16Xavier MertensSextortion to The Next Level
2019-09-22Didier StevensVideo: Encrypted Sextortion PDFs
2019-09-16Didier StevensEncrypted Sextortion PDFs
2019-08-05Rick WannerSextortion: Follow the Money - The Final Chapter
2019-03-24Didier StevensDecoding QR Codes with Python
2019-02-25Didier StevensSextortion Email Variant: With QR Code
2019-02-01Rick WannerSextortion: Follow the Money Part 3 - The cashout begins!
2019-01-18John BambenekSextortion Bitcoin on the Move