Date Author Title
2024-01-17Jesse La GrewNumber Usage in Passwords
2023-10-29Guy BruneauSpam or Phishing? Looking for Credentials & Passwords
2023-09-29Xavier MertensAre You Still Storing Passwords In Plain Text Files?
2023-09-02Jesse La GrewWhat is the origin of passwords submitted to honeypots?
2023-08-04Xavier MertensAre Leaked Credentials Dumps Used by Attackers?
2023-04-19Rob VandenBrinkTaking a Bite Out of Password Expiry Helpdesk Calls
2022-08-13Guy BruneauPhishing HTML Attachment as Voicemail Audio Transcription
2022-03-10Xavier MertensCredentials Leaks on VirusTotal
2021-01-06Johannes UllrichScans for Zyxel Backdoors are Commencing.
2017-05-17Richard PorterWait What? We don?t have to change passwords every 90 days?
2016-06-20Xavier MertensUsing Your Password Manager to Monitor Data Leaks
2015-06-26Daniel WesemannCisco default credentials - again!
2014-08-06Johannes UllrichAll Passwords have been lost: What's next?
2013-05-14Jim ClausingSo what passwords are those ssh scanners trying?
2012-07-16Jim ClausingAn analysis of the Yahoo! passwords
2012-06-06Jim ClausingPotential leak of 6.5+ million LinkedIn password hashes
2011-10-10Tom ListonWhat's In A Name?
2011-08-10Johannes UllrichTheoretical and Practical Password Entropy
2011-06-28Johannes UllrichHashing Passwords
2011-05-30Johannes UllrichAllied Telesis Passwords Leaked
2010-12-13Deborah HaleGawker Media Breach of Security
2010-02-02Johannes UllrichTwitter Mass Password Reset due to Phishing
2009-12-04Daniel WesemannThe economics of security advice (MSFT research paper)
2008-09-22Jim ClausingLessons learned from the Palin (and other) account hijacks