Date Author Title
2023-05-14Guy BruneauVMware Aria Operations addresses multiple Local Privilege Escalations and a Deserialization issue
2020-08-25Xavier MertensKeep An Eye on LOLBins
2013-01-15Rob VandenBrinkWhen Disabling IE6 (or Java, or whatever) is not an Option...
2012-08-02Guy BruneauOpera Security Update
2012-03-27Guy BruneauOpera 11.62 for Windows patch several bugs and vulnerabilities -
2011-06-28Johannes UllrichUpdate: Opera 11.50 is now available
2011-01-27Chris CarboniOpera Updates
2010-10-12Adrien de BeaupreNew version of Opera- Opera 10.63 is a recommended upgrade offering security and stability enhancements:
2010-09-09Jim ClausingOpera 10.62 - security (the DLL path issue) and stability upate see
2010-06-23Scott FendleyOpera Browser Update
2010-03-22Guy BruneauNew Opera 10.51 available with security fixes. More information available at:
2010-03-05Kyle HaugsnessUnpatched Opera 10.50 and below code execution vulnerability
2009-09-01Guy BruneauOpera 10 with Security Fixes
2009-03-03Kyle HaugsnessOpera browser security updates
2008-12-17donald smithOpera 9.6.3 released with security fixes
2008-10-30Kevin ListonOpera 9.62 available - security update
2008-10-22Mari NicholsOpera 9.6.1 Released
2008-08-20Adrien de BeaupreFrom the mailbag, Opera 9.52...
2008-07-03Bojan ZdrnjaNew Opera v9.51 fixes couple of security issues
2008-06-16Kevin ListonOpera 9.5 is Available
2008-04-03Bojan ZdrnjaOpera fixes vulnerabilities and Microsoft announces April's fixes