Date Author Title
2024-05-30Xavier MertensFeeding MISP with OSSEC
2023-04-28Xavier MertensQuick IOC Scan With Docker
2022-11-10Xavier MertensDo you collect "Observables" or "IOCs"?
2020-10-01Daniel WesemannIOC's turning into IOOI's
2020-07-23Xavier MertensSimple Blocklisting with MISP & pfSense
2020-07-22Rick WannerA few IoCs related to CVE-2020-5902
2020-04-30Xavier MertensCollecting IOCs from IMAP Folder
2019-07-24Xavier MertensMay People Be Considered as IOC?
2019-01-22Xavier MertensDNS Firewalling with MISP
2018-11-20Xavier MertensQuerying DShield from Cortex
2017-11-17Xavier MertensTop-100 Malicious IP STIX Feed
2017-10-18Renato MarinhoBaselining Servers to Detect Outliers
2017-03-15Xavier MertensRetro Hunting!
2017-03-04Xavier MertensHow your pictures may affect your website reputation
2017-01-26Xavier MertensIOC's: Risks of False Positive Alerts Flood Ahead
2016-08-29Russ McReeRecommended Reading: Intrusion Detection Using Indicators of Compromise Based on Best Practices and Windows Event Logs
2016-07-12Xavier MertensHunting for Malicious Files with MISP + OSSEC
2016-05-13Xavier MertensMISP - Malware Information Sharing Platform
2016-02-11Tom WebbTomcat IR with XOR.DDoS
2015-12-24Xavier MertensUnity Makes Strength
2014-08-04Russ McReeThreats & Indicators: A Security Intelligence Lifecycle
2014-07-19Russ McReeKeeping the RATs out: the trap is sprung - Part 3
2014-07-18Russ McReeKeeping the RATs out: **it happens - Part 2
2014-07-16Russ McReeKeeping the RATs out: an exercise in building IOCs - Part 1