Date Author Title
2024-03-28Xavier MertensFrom JavaScript to AsyncRAT
2020-07-26Didier StevensCracking Maldoc VBA Project Passwords
2019-10-29Xavier MertensGenerating PCAP Files from YAML
2019-01-10Brad DuncanHeartbreaking Emails: "Love You" Malspam
2018-11-17Xavier MertensQuickly Investigating Websites with Lookyloo
2018-05-27Guy BruneauCapture and Analysis of User Agents
2017-06-08Tom WebbSummer STEM for Kids
2017-02-26Guy BruneauIt is Tax Season - Watch out for Suspicious Attachment
2016-07-21Didier StevensPractice ntds.dit File
2015-09-08Lenny ZeltserA Close Look at PayPal Overpayment Scams That Target Craigslist Sellers
2014-08-22Richard PorterOCLHashCat 1.30 Released
2013-09-05Rob VandenBrinkBuilding Your Own GPU Enabled Private Cloud
2012-08-03Guy BruneauFlash Player 11.3.300.270 for Windows released to address a crash -
2012-07-30Guy BruneauEnd of Days for MS-CHAPv2
2012-07-16Jim ClausingAn analysis of the Yahoo! passwords
2010-11-26Mark HofmanUsing password cracking as metric/indicator for the organisation's security posture
2010-08-22Rick WannerFailure of controls...Spanair crash caused by a Trojan
2010-05-16Rick WannerSymantec triggers on World of Warcraft update
2010-01-25William Salusky"Bots and Spiders and Crawlers, be gone!" - or - "New Open Source WebAppSec tools, Huzzah!"