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Cryptowall ,again!

Published: 2015-03-06
Last Updated: 2015-03-06 11:23:32 UTC
by Basil Alawi S.Taher (Version: 1)
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A new variant Cryptowall (An advanced version of cryptolocker) is now using a malicious .chm file attachment to infect systems.

According to, Bitdefender labs has found a spam wave that spread a malicious .chm attachments.

CHM is the compiled version of html that support technologies such as JavaScript which can redirect a user to an external link.

“Once the content of the .chm archive is accessed, the malicious code downloads from this location http:// *********/putty.exe, saves itself as %temp%\natmasla2.exe and executes the malware. A command prompt window opens during the process.”





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ISC StormCast for Friday, March 6th 2015

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