dd progress indicator on Linux

When I have to use dd (if I can, I use dc3dd) I try to remember to include option status=progress to have a progress indicator.

Last time on a Linux machine, I forgot to include that option. Reading the man page for a solution, I found this:

I could get a progress indication, without having to restart dd with the missing status option, by sending it the sigusr1 signal (on Linux).


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Jul 7th 2018
Such a great tip! Again... waiting right in front of our eyes, on the man page all along. Thanks.

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nice tip. I like pv also. dd if=/xxx | pv | dd of=/yyy
Good tip! I was not familiar with pv.

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This works really well so long as you remember to send the correct signal. Otherwise, it can be somewhat embarrassing to find out that your dd has somehow died (*cough* caught a kill signal)

I may or may not have done this before... :-)
Thanks for the tip! I too found pv because I couldn't achieve progress with dd.

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Quoting Anonymous:nice tip. I like pv also. dd if=/xxx | pv | dd of=/yyy

Useless use of dd!

</xxx pv >/yyy

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