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Yet Another IE Flaw (YAIEF)
Today, if you are plagued with farcical fulminations from Firefox fans or self-satisfied smirks from Safari sympathizers, it may be because of this, from Secunia:

"Michal Zalewski has discovered a vulnerability in Internet Explorer, which can be exploited by malicious people to compromise a user's system.  The vulnerability is caused due to an error in the processing of certain sequences of nested 'object' HTML tags. This can be exploited to corrupt memory by tricking a user into visiting a malicious web site.  Successful exploitation allows execution of arbitrary code."

Thanks to diligent reader Karl Prince for the heads-up.

I remember back in the mid-90's, we used to joke about a bug-of-the-month club for Sendmail.  Well, Sendmail has gotten far better, but perhaps we need a bug-of-the-week club, or even a zero-day-of-the-week (ZDotW) club for IE?

--Ed Skoudis

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Apr 26th 2006

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