Trillian Update
I know of a few friends that use Trillian.  This article is for you.  --Also, a big hello to the guys at Verisign, you know who you are--

The guys over at iDefense have discovered a vulnerability in Trillian, and is described as:

"Remote exploitation of multiple vulnerabilities in the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) module of Cerulean Studios' Trillian could allow for the interception of private conversations or execution of code as the currently logged on user.

When handling long CTCP PING messages containing UTF-8 characters, it is possible to cause the Trillian IRC client to return a malformed response to the server. This malformed response is truncated and is missing the terminating newline character. This could allow the next line sent to the server to be improperly sent to an attacker.

When a user highlights a URL in an IRC message window Trillian copies the data to an internal buffer. If the URL contains a long string of UTF-8 characters, it is possible to overflow a heap based buffer corrupting memory in a way that could allow for code execution.

A heap overflow can be triggered remotely when the Trillian IRC module receives a message that contains a font face HTML tag with the face attribute set to a long UTF-8 string." -- iDefense's website.

If you are running <=3.1 of Trillian, time to upgrade to

Joel Esler

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Apr 30th 2007

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