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Time is (partially) on our side: the new Exim vulnerability

Yesterday details about a new locally and remotely exploitable vulnerability in Exim (CVE-2019-10149) was published by Qualys.

The vulnerability is critical: it allows a local user to easily run commands as root due to an issue in the deliver message code – a local user apparently can just send an e-mail to the address ${run{…}@localhost (where localhost is one of Exim’s local domains) and get the command executed as root.

According to Qualys, it is possible to exploit the vulnerability remotely as well – but there is a caveat (which I really like): “To remotely exploit this vulnerability in the default configuration, an attacker must keep a connection to the vulnerable server open for 7 days (by transmitting one byte every few minutes).”

While the details about exploitation have been removed from the initial advisory, the full advisory should be published soon.
In other words – if you run Exim: PATCH. While it would appear that you have 7 days for remote attackers, the vulnerability actually existed since Exim version 4.87 which was released back in April, 2016. Additionally, a patch that fixes the vulnerability was released in February 2019, but it wasn’t marked as a security issue, so it wasn’t included in most OS updates.

If we see any exploitation attempts, we’ll update the diary – so far it looks quiet, so use that time to patch your systems!



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Jun 6th 2019

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