THAWTE to discontinue free Email Certificate Services and Web of Trust Service

Arno writes in to tell us that Thawte will be discontinuing their free E-mail Certificates and email cert "web of trust" service, as of Nov 16, 2009.  They are offering a free one-time migration to a  1 year Versign certificate services subscription (which is is a chargeable thing after your first year runs out).

Information on the discontinuation and the migration can be found here ==>
and here ==>


Rob VandenBrink

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Oct 9th 2009
People really interested in a proper community-based PKI should use instead

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Has anyone used Comodo’s free email certificates? I'm thinking of changing to them from Thawte.
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I've used Comodo. Works decently well with Outlook/Exchange. It's been nearly a year since I used that cert because they didn't have a root cert available that I could put in AD so Outlook clients wouldn't complain.

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I had a thawte email certificate installed on my computer. Recently I reinstalled my OS... I had backed up my thawte certificate. But after reinstalling the certificate, the emails are not decrypting in Outlook Express. I checked with Thawte, and they have abruptly cut short all the support for email certificates... now I cant read any of my past 6 months of emails... can someone help me? Why is the certificate reinstall not working?
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