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Spam reporting addresses
        It's been a quiet day, with a few reports of phish and pop-up
spam.  It looks like we haven't covered spam reporting in a while.

        Because I work so much with spam already as part of the
sa-blocklist and SURBL projects, I take an additional step and report
spam to the organizations and agencies that have interest in certain
spam categories.  I tend to prefer email accounts to which I can
<a href="">bounce</a>
spam emails as this is easier to script than trying to send the emails
through web forms.

        First, the FTC will take any spam you get; send it to .  Also, is interested in any spam you
have, but please send it as an RFC822 attachment (see your email client
docmuentation on "How to send as an attachment") to .

        Here are the reporting addresses I use, by category:

- Theft of cable services:

- Child pornography:, .
Other than these, do <i>not</i> redistribute the spams, visit any
advertised sites, or keep the emails.  You shouldn't send these to as these are republished on an ftp server.

- Nigerian/419 scams
(<a href=""></a>):

- OEM software:,

- Phish scams:,, .  Also, and are
interested, but please send the phish mail as an RFC822 attachment.

- Pills:,

- Pyramid scams:

- Rolex/replicas:,

- Stock/pump and dump:

- Tobacco:

- Viruses:,,,,,,,

        Some of the above came from
<a href="">Spamlinks</a>
<a href="">Reporting</a>
page - many thanks for an excellent resource.  The email addresses I
covered above tend to be focused on US agencies; definitely visit
spamlinks if you live outside of the US.

        -- Bill Stearns (
<a href=""></a>,
<a href=""></a>)


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Apr 10th 2006

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