Securing Windows Internet Kiosk

There are many companies that are using windows kiosk to provide people an alternate way to provide automated customer service. These kiosk are even developed sometimes by the same company.

How to tell if they provide enough security level? When I have had to answer that question, I have found useful iKAT, which is a tool to test how secure is a Kiosk by telling if it can spawn a shell or other programs, crash the browser, navigate to forbidden sites, among many other interesting plugins. You can also find iKAT for Linux.

Please note that the link has some advertising banners which may be deemed not suitable for working envrionments.

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Aug 2nd 2010

Look Microsoft SteadState (
hi Fabio, Microsoft SteadState (unless I'm mistaken) is a tool to create a kiosk, iKat is a series of tools to test whether there are flaws in the configuration of that kiosk

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