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Retrieving malware over Tor on Windows

I found an easier way to retrieve malware over Tor on Windows, using free open-source software.

Tallow uses Tor and WinDivert to redirect network connections over the Tor network.

After starting Tallow, press the Tor button:

Then you can use wget on Windows:

DEBUG output created by Wget 1.11.4 on Windows-MSVC.

--2018-02-25 23:56:22--
Resolving seconds 0.00,
Caching =>
Connecting to||:80... seconds 0.00, connected.
Created socket 300.
Releasing 0x0142ea78 (new refcount 1).

---request begin---
GET / HTTP/1.0

User-Agent: Wget/1.11.4

Accept: */*


Connection: Keep-Alive


---request end---
HTTP request sent, awaiting response...
---response begin---
HTTP/1.0 200 OK

Cache-Control: max-age=604800

Content-Type: text/html

Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2018 22:56:24 GMT

Etag: "1541025663+gzip+ident"

Expires: Sun, 04 Mar 2018 22:56:24 GMT

Last-Modified: Fri, 09 Aug 2013 23:54:35 GMT

Server: ECS (lga/1386)

Vary: Accept-Encoding

X-Cache: HIT

Content-Length: 1270

Connection: keep-alive


---response end---
200 OK
Registered socket 300 for persistent reuse.
Length: 1270 (1.2K) [text/html]
Saving to: `index.html'

     0K .                                                     100% 32.1M=0s

2018-02-25 23:56:23 (32.1 MB/s) - `index.html' saved [1270/1270]

Onion services can be accessed too:

By default, Tallow only allows TCP connections on port 80 and 443 (Force web-only). Disable this toggle if you need to access other ports.

Didier Stevens
Microsoft MVP Consumer Security


557 Posts
ISC Handler
Feb 25th 2018

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