Recent security enhancements in web browsers (e.g. Google Chrome)

About a couple of weeks ago we talked about the new Firefox 4 security features. Today is Google's Chrome turn, due to the recently added and short term upcoming security features:

With no doubt, web browser and plug-ins security are crucial for a trusted Internet and Web browsing experience, thus improvements in this field are always welcomed.

Without entering into the web browsers wars (or debate ;) to declare which one is the best one (...all them are pieces of software), I honestly recommend you to use (or at least have handy) a few of them and use them for different purposes. Some (the web browsers you trust more) should be used for casual browsing, running in a restrictive mode (NoScript, HTTPS Everywhere, disabling plug-ins, etc) to offer you the best protection. Others should only be used for critical browsing to confidential and sensitive sites. All them are going to become victims (again) of vulnerabilities in the future, so having multiple alternatives will help you to accommodate 0-days and unpatched flaws while still be able to securely (if possible) browse the web.

In any case, always use the latest and most updated version of any web browser (with all the available plug-in updates applied): Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9, Chrome 10, Opera 11, or Safari 5.

Raul Siles
Founder and Senior Security Analyst with Taddong

Raul Siles

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Apr 10th 2011

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