Random thoughts for a quiet Sunday
Just a reminder, as with all Handler's Diary entries, the opinions expressed here are those of the author and not necessarily those of the ISC or SANS. It is pretty sad that I have to put a disclaimer in here, but some folks have, at times, taken offense at the opinions presented here.

Well, today was a very quiet day at the Storm Center, so, as is sometimes my wont, I was trying to catch up on some reading. :) As a former academic, I like to check out conference proceedings and journals to see what kind of research folks are doing. While I am a huge fan of SANS training, I also am a big fan of conferences with refereed papers. In fact, I was on the program committee for a local Infosec Forum here last week and there were a couple of talks that I think were useful for folks new to the field and those of us who have been doing it for more years than we like to admit. Today, I was finally looking at the proceedings from this past summer's Usenix Security Conference. I found a couple of papers there that I'm going to spend some time studying in more detail (I may talk about one of them in more detail in a future diary). That got me wondering though, what conferences, journals, magazines, books, or websites (besides ours, of course :)), do you, our readers, find useful/interesting? I should know by now, to be careful what I ask for, I might get more than I was counting on in response, but please let us know.


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