Putting the ED in .EDU

So, you're a low-life piece of Internet vermin, and, like all low-life pieces of Internet vermin you find yourself faced with a dilemma: How are you gonna lend an aura of respectability to your scummy online "pharmacy" service?  Better still, how are you going to make your "pharma" site stand out from all the others?  How are you going to "optimize" the search engine placement for your pill slinging service?

What better place from which to push your ED drugs than... well... .edu?

Try this Google search. 

Interestin', eh?

Looks to me like somebody's been doing a mass hack of .edu sites and setting up web pages to push Cialis, Viagra, and... uh... well... porn.

Sex and drugs.  Now all we need is some rock and roll...


Tom Liston : Intelguardians - Handler on Duty


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Jul 6th 2007

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